doctor danielle organic turmeric curcumin

Doctor Danielle Organic Turmeric Curcumin

When it comes to supplements, organic is the way to go if you want to be assured the ingredients are of the highest quality. Here are some notable features of Doctor Danielle Organic Turmeric Curcumin.

Doctor Daneille Organic Turmeric with BioPerine (120 Capsules)


  • Formulated by Dr. Danielle Saunders, a biochemist and licensed naturopathic physician
  • 500mg organic turmeric-curcumin complex per capsule
  • 5mg Bioperine per capsule for enhanced bioavailability
  • All-natural, no GMOs, fillers, binders, preservatives or artificial colors
  • Vegan-friendly vegetable-based capsule using no animal products
  • Gluten-free
  • Made in the USA under GMP standards and third-party tested

According to one user who contacted Dr. Danielle inquiring whether her product contained 95% standardized curcuminoids, her response was as follows: “Thank you for contacting us regarding this question. Dr. Danielle organic turmeric curcumin has not been standardized to guarantee a certain amount of curcuminoids because we believe that, too frequently, parts or constituents of a plant are isolated and used alone, thereby reducing the therapeutic powers of the whole herb. We do not believe that it is only the curcuminoids that help with the healing process but see Curcuma longa as a whole being synergistic in its effects.”

From her own clinical experience, Dr. Danielle believes the entire turmeric rhizome is beneficial and effective. The Turmeric Guru tends to agree, but we will continue to report standardized curcuminoid percentage when it is disclosed by the manufacturer.

We follow with summaries of some of the comments written by verified purchasers who have tried Doctor Danielle Organic Turmeric Curcumin supplement.

Advantages – Doctor Danielle Organic Turmeric Curcumin

Many users found that this product was the only thing that provided safe relief from arthritic joint pain. Some have reported being able to cancel and avoid previously contemplated knee surgery after regular use.

Others commented that it helped save some money because they no longer needed to purchase pain relievers and medications for other ailments such as colds.

One user reported a marked elevation in mood since taking the supplement. Another claimed two capsules per day in place of a pharmaceutical anti-depressant caused a gradual elevation in mood, ultimately resulting in the complete elimination of symptoms of depression.

Users have reported a visible change in health after taking the supplement and that they were now able to enjoy activities they previously could not. After taking two capsules per day, a 57-year-old customer found the tendinitis in his elbow had subsided entirely.

One customer credited Dr. Danielle’s organic curcumin supplement along with a low-carb, low-sugar diet for significantly reducing joint pain and inflammation resulting from an undiagnosable source.

Another user recommended this supplement for curing an inflamed and overloaded lymphatic system – the body’s excretory system at the cellular level. In our modern lifestyle of ever-present toxins, the lymphatic system is easily overloaded and many people fail to recognize this as a possible source of health issues.

This turmeric curcumin supplement not only helps with recent injuries, it also helps with nagging old ones. One customer noticed that after three weeks of supplementation, lingering pains from years past were significantly reduced.

One user had given the product to pets and noted efficacy in treating infections and arthritis.

Disadvantages – Doctor Danielle Organic Turmeric Curcumin

Even though she found this product to be effective, one user commented that the price was a bit high compared to other supplements that were found to work just as well. If the price point is too high, we suggest you take a look at budget brand Swanson turmeric.

One user complained about the inconsistency in capsule color, saying his first batch had a deep golden color while a second purchase had a pale yellow color. If this is ever experienced the company encourages contact with customer service for an exchange.

Another user said that the correspondence they received from the customer service of this company was a bit offensive and vague. Some have said that this supplement is overpriced compared to other brands.

Summary – Doctor Danielle Organic Turmeric Curcumin

Turmeric has been considered an effective remedy for thousands of years, and even today its known benefits continue to grow in number as it is studied by the scientific community. When it comes to medicine, they say the doctor knows best. The Turmeric Guru recommends this organic supplement as worthy of experimentation even though the price per dose is a bit higher than average. I have used the product and can attest to its efficacy with good results. Refer to our top turmeric supplements page for links to additional ratings and reviews.

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