swanson premium turmeric supplement

Swanson Turmeric Supplement Capsules

Swanson Turmeric Curcumin Supplement 720 mg per Capsule | 240 Capsules (2 Pack)


  • 700 mg whole turmeric per capsule
  • 120 capsules per bottle

There really isn’t a lot to report about Swanson turmeric supplement capsules because it’s as basic as they come – just good old whole turmeric powder. As far as we can surmise, it’s the same thing as dried turmeric powder that you can purchase in bulk. And if you prefer to just get your turmeric from your foods and beverages, see the Turmeric Guru’s recommendations at our top turmeric powders page.

This product is OK for budget-minded consumers who cannot use dried turmeric powder in their cooking or beverages. Otherwise, we recommend that you look elsewhere and consider some of the other brands reviewed in this blog.

If you wish to keep your regimen as clean as possible we recommend that you refer to our top turmeric supplements page and click through to any of the listed products to refine your search. Otherwise, for a good product on a limited budget, we are comfortable recommending Swanson Premium turmeric supplement.

Shown below are some comments from users who have tried Swanson Premium turmeric supplement.

Advantages – Swanson Turmeric Supplement

Despite our fairly benign opinion of this product, there have been verified purchasers who believe it is very effective. One user said they were able to notice results after just a few days. Some users have also stressed that it is multipurpose, capable of assisting in reducing swelling and joint pain, as well as alleviating allergies without side-effects.

Some older users have commented positively on this product saying it is the perfect supplement for them because it addresses joint and muscle inflammation.  Some users have also said that customer service is top-notch in reaction to how the company treated them in response to receiving expired product. Many users overall seem to have experienced benefits from this supplement, saying they will recommend it to others.

There were also satisfied users who said this is better than the NSAIDs or generic supplements offered. The fact that one bottle of this supplement is good for four months has also been cited several times as a noted benefit.

Disadvantages – Swanson Turmeric Supplement

First of all, this product is not certified organic. We do not usually recommend non-organic products but, as stated previously, this is offered as a low budget alternative for those who cannot use turmeric routinely in their cooking.

One user said he had to take 6 capsules per day before noticing results. In his opinion, he had a better response from cooking with turmeric powder. Another user also commented on feeling under-dosed with this supplement.

One user reported suffering additional heartburn from this supplement, something turmeric is generally used to guard against.  Another user purported to experienced gassy bloating.

The Turmeric Guru advises that, while this budget product may work for you, it does contain magnesium stearate as an anti-caking agent. Magnesium stearate can sometimes inhibit nutrient absorption, and some users have reported complications they believe are due to this ingredient. We generally advise against using products with this ingredient. But if your budget requires a low-cost alternative you may wish to try it and judge for yourself.

In addition, users have reported a bad aftertaste and a bad smell.  Again, these are risks one may take when trying a budget product. Perhaps you will not have these issues. If cost is your utmost imperative then this may be worth a try.  If not, then we recommend that you consider one of the more premium organic turmeric supplement recommended in this blog.


This is a budget recommendation only.  It is less than perfect due primarily to the following: it is not organic, includes magnesium stearate, and contains no curcumin extract. But if cost is a limiting factor, and cooking with turmeric is out of the question, there are enough satisfied customers of this product to recommend it on that basis. If you can afford organic, magnesium stearate-free products, by all means, choose those.

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