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BioSchwartz Turmeric Curcumin Review

BioSchwartz Turmeric Curcumin with BioPerine 90 capsules

Schwartz BioResearch is now BioSchwartz

Turmeric is well known for its ability to assist in reducing inflammation and the resulting pain. Regular, consistent supplementation and use of turmeric powder in the kitchen is proven to be effective in reducing inflammation, relieving joint and muscle pain, and addressing a wide range of other chronic conditions that you may read about in other sections of this blog.

If you are searching for a turmeric curcumin supplement that is both affordable and of high quality, has active ingredients to increase absorption, and a large following of satisfied users, then BioSchwartz Turmeric Curcumin with BioPerine is a supplement you should consider.

The company previously known as Schwartz BioResearch has changed its name to BioSchwartz, but the formulation of its turmeric curcumin product remains unchanged. In this review, we summarize the salient features as well as the positives and negatives of this product.


  • 95% standardized curcuminoids
  • 500mg organic turmeric-curcumin complex per capsule
  • 3.3mg of BioPerine per capsule to enhance bioavailability and absorption
  • All-natural, no GMOs, fillers, binders, preservatives or artificial colors
  • Made in the USA under GMP standards and third-party tested
  • Vegetable-based capsule using no animal products
  • No gluten, lactose, soy, wheat, nuts, iron, sugar
  • Money-back guaranty
  • Doctor formulated

User Feedback and Reviews

BioSchwartz has been busy making sure its turmeric curcumin supplement is as efficient as possible in providing the full range of benefits this natural spice has to offer.  In this review, we provide summaries of recent customer feedback followed by our opinion of the product after having used it extensively for more than two years.

Positives – BioSchwartz Turmeric Curcumin

The overwhelming majority of BioSchwartz Turmeric Curcumin customer reviews have expressed favorable feedback relating to the product. At the time of this article over 12,000 customers have provided feedback, 84% of which came in at five stars.

Users report the product is fast-acting, with the ability to deliver consistent relief over time.

One said she experienced a marked improvement in skin inflammation and muscle pain after only three days of use.

Those with long-term musculoskeletal soreness resulting from injury reported this product provided relief from pain due to swelling and inflammation.

Users have generally reported the product has a low price considering its effectiveness and purity.

Many users reported recommending the product to others and that the company was very accepting of questions and feedback.

A number of online reviews by verified purchasers have confirmed this supplement is helpful in alleviating pain resulting from arthritis and neuropathy, as well as reducing visible and painful inflammation.

Users have praised this supplement for relieving constant shoulder pain suffered after undergoing major reconstructive surgery.  One claimed this supplement was the only thing that alleviated his pain and attributed vastly improved joint mobility to its use.

This supplement is also credited with reducing inflammation and pain resulting from osteoarthritis and osteoporosis by an individual who had been diagnosed with both. The reviewer felt fortunate to have a doctor who recommended this particular supplement and gave it five stars. After about 3 months of use, the pain and inflammation gradually disappeared.

Suffering from menstrual difficulties such as incapacitating dysmenorrhea or clots?  One customer’s testimony confirmed this supplement helps alleviate clotting caused by her menstrual period in addition to recurring pelvic pain, which went away within two months of regular use.

Turmeric Curcumin with BioPerine can also help with sports injuries, as one user claimed this product made a significant positive difference in his recovery from a running injury.

Negatives – BioSchwartz Turmeric Curcumin

Taking this supplement on an empty stomach is not recommended according to one user due to potential nausea.

One user reported no relief at all after more than a week of using the product. And one user reported a case of diarrhea after using the product and assumed it was the cause.

Another user said there was nothing unique about this product when compared to many others available on the market. There was also one user who said taking 6 capsules per day seemed a bit scary even though it is mentioned for maximum results. (Normal recommended dosage is three 500mg capsules per day.)

Lastly, one potential negative is the fact that nowhere in the product’s labeling is it noted as being certified organic.  The Turmeric Guru generally tends to favor organic products as they imply a higher level of safety and purity.  Having said that, the company’s literature expounds extensively on its concern for chemical-free growers and product purity.  They claim to test for heavy metals, solvents, pesticides, and toxins.  We have no way of proving these claims at the moment but will endeavor to find more supporting information.

Summary – BioSchwartz Turmeric Curcumin

Turmeric curcumin is well known and widely acclaimed for its ability to heal and prevent a wide variety of chronic illnesses and pain resulting from inflammation.  Literally thousands of empirical studies have been conducted to test, measure and prove turmeric’s healing properties.  You can read an abstract of one such study published by the Journal of Medicinal Food.

The Turmeric Guru is a regular user of BioSchwartz Turmeric Curcumin capsules and agrees with all of the positive review comments outlined above. If you want an affordable turmeric supplement made of quality natural ingredients capable of delivering results, then look no further than BioSchwartz Turmeric Curcumin with BioPerine Supplement.

The Turmeric Guru has used this supplement to address various health issues including fibromyalgia and inflammation resulting from an autoimmune disorder.  In addition to this and other uses listed above, users have commented on having success alleviating chronic migraine headaches and even allergies.

This product is not certified organic, but due to its overwhelming popularity among verified users, combined with a fair price, we believe BioSchwartz Turmeric Curcumin offers good value and is worthy of our readers’ consideration.

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    1. Hi Harry,
      The body’s natural healing process takes time, in addition to changes in lifestyle and diet. Chemical concoctions from pharmaceutical companies may provide some kind of nearly instant symptom masking response, but this is nothing more than temporarily hiding the symptoms, not reversing the cause. If you want instant pain relief you will have to take toxic pharmaceuticals as prescribed by your doctor. But if you want to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to heal the cause of pain you will have to focus on your diet and lifestyle. The healing effect of turmeric’s natural ingredients take time and regular use combined with elimination of other toxins from one’s dietary regime. I know this is true because it worked for me. I cured my autoimmune condition through nothing more than dietary focus. You can read about my journey in the About section of this blog. Wishing you all the best in your journey. T.G.

  2. I started taking it about 3 weeks ago with no apparent help. In the fourth week My shoulder and knees were 100 percent better. Even the stiffness of a total neck and back fusion seemed better.
    I’m sold

    1. Turmeric Guru

      Hi Jim, I’m so happy to hear about your recovery! What people often fail to understand when making the switch from pharmaceuticals to natural pain relief like turmeric/curcumin is that you’re not going to get the “kick in the head” response like you do with a synthetic drug. Benefiting from natural cures takes a bit of time because we’re not just masking symptoms, but rather nurturing the immune system so the body can do what is naturally designed to do, which is self-heal. I highly recommend that you make turmeric a part of your daily routine by incorporating it into your diet as well as with supplementation.
      All the Best,

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