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Hello Friends,

Thank you so much for visiting my site! This blog is a work in progress, the objective of which is to provide useful information for anyone wishing to learn the many benefits and methods of incorporating turmeric into one’s daily health routine.

After being stricken by a debilitating chronic autoimmune condition in 2010 the Turmeric Guru consulted fourteen different physicians in the quest for a cure. While there is most certainly an important role for allopathic medicine in our world, in my case there was nothing to be gained from this mainstream path. The advice I received basically boiled down to “we don’t know why your condition exists; you’re just going to have to learn to live with it.” Every allopathic physician I visited prescribed palliative pharmaceuticals which they admitted would only mask, not cure, some of my symptoms.

Clearly, these were unacceptable prognoses.  So I resolved to embark on an exhaustive research process to determine the source of my condition and experiment with a variety of natural remedies and protocols I discovered through independent research.

After two years of spiraling downward toward a point where I was mentally preparing myself for death, a pathway to recovery revealed itself.  It was so simple that no one, not even I at first, believed it could be real. And the most amazing thing is this: my body told me what I needed to recover.

When I first started feeling better I had recently started craving leafy green vegetables and had incorporated them into a soup-like dish I started preparing on a regular basis.  At the time, I thought my incremental progress was due to an antibiotic cocktail I had read about and had resorted to taking.  But the antibiotics soon ran out and so I just continued my regimen comprised of a variety of natural supplements and a primarily vegan diet – half raw, half cooked.  I was eating what my body craved. Gradually, over about one year of strict adherence to my new dietary regime, I was basically healed.

To this day I have not made material changes to my diet which consists of two large vegetable meals followed by a fourteen to sixteen hour water fast every night, a protocol called intermittent fasting.  Meal number one at approximately 11am consists of a covered skillet or wok full of various chopped vegetables and 750ml of distilled water, seasoned with Himalayan salt and a paste made of two tablespoons of olive oil mixed with a heaping tablespoon of turmeric powder and freshly cracked black pepper. I just mix up the paste in a small area of the skillet as the first ingredient.  The veggies can vary but I normally include one large onion, one large tomato, one full head of garlic, one thumb of fresh ginger, one small red cayenne pepper, one half red bell pepper, one normal size carrot, three cups of chopped greens (spinach, kale, chard, green beens and cabbage, broccoli or cauliflower). Bring the ingredients to a boil in the covered skillet until the greens are edible (about 15 to 20 minutes) and then crack two eggs on top and cook for another couple of minutes until the eggs are as you like them.  Wow!  This meal is bursting with nutrition and should keep you running full on steam until 6pm.

By the way, I highly recommend that you drink and cook with distilled water.  I have found that the rumors of mineral deficiency resulting from distilled water consumption is a myth.  You will get plenty of minerals from your fresh vegetables and Himalayan salt.  I purchased a home distiller which produces more than enough water every night for the following day. This link will connect you to the one I have and highly recommend.

My 6pm meal consists of a massive salad comprised of one avocado, one tomato, one small onion, one small apple, one half cucumber, one half red bell pepper, one small carrot, red cabbage and lettuce seasoned with fresh lime juice, apple cider vinegar, Himalayan salt, freshly cracked black pepper, a swish of olive oil and mustard to taste. Again, all I can say is wow! I just love this meal and never tire of it. It is absolutely amazing how the body is so fully and naturally sated when given the nutrition it needs to heal and sustain.

In addition to my two large veggie meals I also take 1500mg of turmeric supplement in capsule form daily and a few other supplements and vitamins about three times per week. The list includes vitamin B12, vitamin E, vitamin D3, chlorella, iodine and magnesium.  This has been the core of my diet since early-2013 and I have never felt better.  I am absolutely convinced this diet was instrumental in allowing my body to naturally detox and heal.  And I am as sure as one can be without conducting a double blind placebo controlled clinical study that turmeric has been a critical element in my recovery.  If you want access to such studies they have been done, literally hundreds of them, and I can point you to them if you contact me directly.

Within the first month of converting to this lifestyle I was experiencing a notable reduction in joint and fibromyalgic muscle pain. Within three months I was experiencing amazing progress. Joint and muscle pain were subsiding, brain fog had dissipated and I noticed hardly ever experiencing those moments when you wonder why you had walked into a particular room or forget your wallet when leaving the house.

I am now fully recovered and living a normal life.  And I thank God every day for the guidance I received when doing my research for recovery.  We live in a toxic world, my friends.  Our air, water and food are being poisoned at an astonishing and saddening rate.  Nano-sized aluminum, barium and other particulates are being sprayed into our skies in a purported effort to reflect the sun’s heat.  These particulates ultimately fall onto our food and water supplies and are breathed directly into our lungs.  Modern farming techniques have been forced to incorporate toxic chemicals and genetically modified seeds to compete with cheap packaged junk food. And pharmaceutical companies produce primarily palliative symptom-masking agents which only allow for illness extension that benefit mainly the pharma companies and allopathic physicians who, in many cases, have become little more than drug pushers.

My friends, I could write a veritable tome documenting my journey to recovery, and perhaps someday I will, but for now let us pause and return to the subject at hand – helping you find the turmeric products you need in order to enjoy a life free of pain and full of health.


Turmeric Guru