Organic Wise Organic Turmeric Root Powder Review

Turmeric, otherwise scientifically known as Curcuma longa, is well known as an Asian culinary spice as well as a mild but effective medicine.  It that has been used for centuries in Chinese and Indian cultures as both an anti-inflammatory remedy and a flavoring for a wide variety of local dishes.

Turmeric supplements come in capsule, powder and liquid form. But if you are interested in incorporating this wonder spice that doubles as an antioxidant into your daily health regimen it is recommended that you choose only powders of the highest quality, cultivated and packaged under stringent organic requirements. Organic Wise Turmeric Root Powder is one such product according to our analysis.  It is cultivated at an organic farmstead in India and certified organic by the USDA . If you want to know more about this product continue reading the review.


  • High-grade turmeric produced under strict standards at a certified organic farm in India
  • Non GMO and no chemical pesticides or fertilizers used
  • Imported in small batches to guarantee freshness
  • Contains 6.5% percent natural curcumin
  • USDA Certified 100% organic
  • No MSG or other additives
  • Packaged in the USA


Organic Wise’s turmeric root powder contains only the highest grade ingredients cultivated under strict organic standards from a certified organic farm in India.

Turmeric is not only a spice that will provide an exotic flare to almost any dish, it is also a time tested and powerful natural remedy useful in the prevention of a wide range of inflammation related maladies. One of turmeric’s most valuable properties is curcumin’s effectiveness as an antioxidant in fighting free radicals that harm the body’s immune system and are known to accelerate the aging process. It also aids in defending the liver against contaminants and acting in defense against onset of Alzheimer’s.

Turmeric is known to assist in helping naturally lower elevated cholesterol levels, especially the bad kind called LDL. It promotes blood vessel health, is known to naturally assist the immune system in eliminating cancer cells and alleviates joint and muscle inflammation. If this sounds like a wonder food, well, we think it is, and we use it every day.

One Amazon reviewer of the product commented as follows:  This is actually our first time taking turmeric root powder. A friend recommended this Organic Wise product and at first we tried mixing the powder with a glass of water, but we were put off by the bitter taste. Turmeric powder does, in fact, taste slightly bitter.  Therefore, in order to make it more palatable we recommend mixing it with other ingredients. We use it frequently in shakes and smoothies and the off-putting taste is undetectable.

Another reviewer commented:  We are into turmeric now since it is a natural remedy for health conditions like arthritis, skin problems, heartburn, and infections. It can also promote blood vessel health, and digestive and cognitive function. This particular brand actually contains a slightly higher level of curcumin compared to others, at an overall concentration of 6.5%, making it the highest level we have encountered. The powder is finely milled, and to guarantee freshness the company claims to import to the US in small batches only. Turmeric in powder form is far more versatile than capsules since you can add it in your cooking or mix it into juices, teas and smoothies. Just sprinkle it here and there in curries, rice, stews, soups, teas, shakes and you are good to go. This turmeric root powder has the hue of goldenrod flowers and it has a somewhat minty scent which is a bit surprising. Lately, we’ve been enjoying it in warm milk mixed with a bit of cinnamon and freshly ground pepper.


As with any colorful substance from nature, turmeric powder can stain anything it comes into contact with such as clothing, pots, counter tops and floors. So be careful when handling it in order to avoid potentially stubborn stains. Although turmeric is a one hundred percent natural plant product, for some it might cause an interaction with pharmaceutical medications they may already be taking. Therefore, just to be cautious, we advise that you first check with your physician if you regularly take any synthetic chemical drugs.


not only imparts a load of health benefits, it will also bring flavor and vitality to cooked dishes, smoothies, and other such foods and drink. This is a quality product with all the right features that an organic lifestyle enthusiast needs. We rate it among our top ten powders.

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