Discover Why Turmeric is Good for You

It’s not just a tasty spice, it’s good for you!…and in so many ways.  Turmeric is considered one of the most important health foods available due to its multitude of healing properties.

Used in cooking for thousands of years, it is a staple of the Indian pantry.  Turmeric’s initial application was as a food flavoring and dying agent.  Later, it was later discovered that turmeric also held impressive qualities in promoting and sustaining overall health. At some point in the distant past Ayrurvedic medicine incorporated turmeric as a foundational remedy in the treatment of a wide range of inflammation related maladies.

The healing properties of this plant made there way to China sometime before 700 AD and by 800 to 1200 AD had spread towards the eastern and western parts of Africa. In the Hindu religion, turmeric is believed to be a sacred plant used in keeping evil spirits away, and is also used as a festive coloring agent on important occasions such as weddings.

Turmeric originates from the Curcuma longa plant, which is part of the same family as ginger. Its roots, or more correctly its rhizomes, contain significant amounts of curcuminoids which have been proven to be a powerful organic antioxidant.

Turmeric thus far has been employed in a variety of therapeutic treatments all over the world in the prevention and healing of a multitude of maladies and illnesses. Although the entirety of the turmeric rhizome is known to provide this plant’s curative powers, there is some research indicating that the majority of its potency drives from the curcuminoid complex.

Studies chronicled by The National Institute of Health disclose that curcumin is effective in alleviating muscle and chronic joint pain due to the plant’s power in reducing inflammation and preventing swelling.

Turmeric is also known to act as an anti-microbial agent capable of seeking out and ridding the gut of the bad bacteria while leaving the good bacteria alone.

Turmeric also acts as a powerful immune system enhancer due to its powerful antioxidant effect, found out to be 5 times stronger than vitamin C or E. It is a free radical assassination agent.

Some research even suggests that turmeric can be effective in preventing hair loss. The usual formula for scalp care includes turmeric, milk and honey. Apart from that, the plant is also believed to provide significant natural enhancement to a variety of abnormal skin conditions via its anti-oxidation properties.  One such known enhancement is in terms of elasticity and reduction of premature wrinkling due to dehydration. Acne sufferers have found that a mixture of honey and turmeric powder rubbed onto the affected area for 5 minutes before washing it all off will aid in reducing blemishes over time.

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